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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Memories from 1988 and 1993

A couple more journal entries; clearly I wasn't very good at keeping up the journal.

  • September 12, 1988: Four years later and things have changed a lot. Scott is in 8th grade at Einstein and Steve is a sophomore at West. He started driving lessons tonight. Jeff left Crum & Forster in 1986 with the Appleton office was closed. He worked for CNA until April of this year when he went back to work for C&F, working out of the house. The MMI office closed at the end of 1986, and my office (with MMGA) moved to Meade St. We spend Thursdays during the summer playing co-ed volleyball, and I golf on Tuesdays. Now that it's fall, Jeff bowls on Monday and I do on Tuesday. Our couples bowling league is every other Friday.
  • September 27, 1988: Our central air is finally going in this week. I finally had my knee checked out by an orthopedic surgeon and found I need arthroscopic surgery for a torn meniscus. I'm going to the hospital in a couple of weeks. We were in Turtle Lake for Daddy's birthday and we bought a pick-up truck for Stevie to drive. He'll be getting his "temps" this week.
  • September 22, 1993: We tore the pool out last fall when the motor finally gave out. Jeff is driving a 1992 Ford Ranger pick-up and I have a bright green 1993 Probe GT. Steve is starting his third year of college and living in Milwaukee. His first year was in Oshkosh and he spent last school year in Minnesota. Scott started his first year of college at UW-Fox Valley, and has a little white Mercury Lynx he bought with his graduation money. Jeff has been at Boldt Construction for (I think) three years. I'm still with Marsh (now Seabury & Smith) after 13 years. We just ended our fifth summer at our cottage with a Labor Day party focusing on tearing down our outhouse. Jeff's folks still live in Wabeno and are addicted to gambling. My folks still live in Turtle Lake and are constantly at odds with the casino there. My dad has been retired since cutting off the ends of his fingers two years ago. Peg & Len are still in GB - Tracy is going to school at Whitewater and Cory is 15. Tom & Nancy are also in GB but Kim is living in Moscow teaching English. Mike & Debbie are in Utah. Jeff's grandma died this past year; both of my grandmas live in Pontiac. Susie & Gary, after being separated for a while, are together and back in Turtle Lake. Dean & Carol and in New London. Tom & Evie are in Star Prairie where Mikki also lives with her husband.

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