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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Memories from 1984

In the spirit of trying to clean out a bunch of things this year, I found an old journal in my dresser drawer. I won't repeat all of the posts in their entirety, but some of the information here is pretty amazing.

  • Saturday, May 26, 1984: We're in Turtle Lake for a little birthday celebration for Scott, Billy, Evie and Gary.  It had been delayed due to little Gary being in the hospital.  He's home now, but he looks very tired and he's really skinny. They didn't stay very long today because he's still weak.
  • Thursday, May 31, 1984: We listed our house this evening -- finally.  The realtor did a market survey last night which shows our house to be marketable at about $36,000-$39,000. I hope it sells fast; we're going to start looking seriously for another one.
  • Monday, June 4, 1984: We went to see the house on Fairfield Court that I liked on Saturday. We put in an offer, he countered, and we countered. Today we found out that he accepted our offer of $71,000.
  • Thursday, June 7, 1984: The school called because Stevie had been hurt. He got into a fight with one of his friends and was thrown down on his elbow. We thought is was broken, but it was dislocated. He was in a great deal of pain and we were at the hospital for hours as the doctor reset his arm and put it in a cast. He'll be discharged tomorrow, but he'll have the cast for 3 weeks and a splint for a while after that. This was the last day of school, too.
  • Wednesday, June 13, 1984: Selling the house is driving me crazy. I get up at my regular time, but then spend time cleaning so I end up late. The realtor calls all of a sudden for a showing so we have to keep the house clean. The boys were home alone today and destroyed my clean house; I had to leave work early to come home to clean before going golfing. We're going to have an open house on Sunday so I have to spend Friday and Saturday cleaning. Stress all around.
  • Monday, July 2, 1984: Stevie got his cast off last week and is doing really well. He exercises his arm to stretch the ligaments. We went camping this past weekend, which was very relaxing, as we had good weather and were able to get out on the water. Stevie woke up yelling every night, which was a little unsettling.
  • Wednesday, July 4, 1984: We spent the day in Green Bay - Tracy was marching in a parade, then back to Peg's where the kids stayed in the pool all day. It's Tom's 40th birthday and both he and Nancy were over for a while. We took the boats out on the Bay to watch the fireworks at Bay Beach.
  • Tuesday, July 10, 1984: Busy weekend; lots of showings in the house plus two offers, which we ended up rejecting. Matt got here from Pennsylvania and stayed until this morning when Jeff took him up to Wabeno.
  • Wednesday, July 11, 1984: We sold the house! The offer was $38,500 and the closing date has been set for August 29.
  • Friday, July 13, 1984: Went to the Fair in Seymour with Ralph & LeeAnn to see Don Williams.
  • Sunday, July 15, 1984: Jeff took Stevie up to Boy Scout camp today for a week.
  • Monday, July 23, 1984: Stevie got home from camp Saturday and it's good to have him back. The new Mall in Appleton opened Wednesday and I spent some time out there getting school stuff as it's only six weeks off. Peg called tonight and said Jeff's mom might have cancer; she'll have tests done next week.
  • Monday, July 30, 1984: Interesting stuff - The boys are staying with Mom & Dad for a week, Dean is leaving for Oklahoma City tomorrow, Tom & Evie are moving to Phoenix Friday. We went to the Dells Saturday and sat through a sales presentation for a private campground. Declined. Found a place to stay in Stevens Point, a real dive. Went boating on Winnebago over the weekend and did a little skinny dipping.
  • Saturday, August 4, 1984: Had our Brewers/Golf weekend in Milwaukee; slept in tents in Lorie's backyard.
  • Sunday, August 12, 1984: Went to Plainfield for a Schilleman family reunion. It was pretty bad - they were actually throwing hatchets into trees as entertainment! Stopped in Waupaca on the way home so the kids could enjoy the water slide.
  • Friday, August 17, 1984: Went to Green Bay tonight for a dinner cruise on the River Queen with Jeff's family. Moving tomorrow.
  • Saturday, August 18, 1984: We moved today - had it pretty much done by noon. Sleeping one last time in the old house - the kids are on the basement floor and we're on a mattress.
  • Wednesday, August 22, 1984: Stevie went to the doctor on Monday and his arm checked out great. We got some shock for the pool and it cleaned right up; Jeff vacuumed it out and it's beautiful.

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