"I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere beyond the morning." - J.B. Priestly

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mom's back in Wisconsin

Not sure what I was thinking when I booked my flight to Florida -- had to get up at 3:30 a.m. to catch my 5:30 flight from Green Bay! Good trip, though, and Mom and Dean were waiting at the airport. Nice couple of days in Florida (including a great thunder storm and going to see 'The Sound of Music' at the movie theatre), and quite a struggle getting everything packed into the van for our trip back to Wisconsin. It was kind of fun driving back and watching the full, lush greenery in Florida going backwards to the barely budding trees in Wisconsin. Like watching a movie in reverse.

Susie and Doug came on Saturday and, along with Jeff and I, we got everything unloaded, furniture moved, TV hooked up, and pictures hung. Amazing, really, how much we got done. Sandy has a nice patio space right outside the living room window, plus Terri and Elnore both stopped to say hello so it looks like things are really coming together for Mom.

Nice to have her back in Wisconsin -- at least for the summer!

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